Intelligent Toilet Lid

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1. Instant water heating in one second as pre-set temperature

2. Accelerant deodorant

3. Smart Energy Saving-Less than 1 kw/h power for one day

4. Nozzle Hygiene Protection--self cleaning plus human cleaning

5. Twisted column flow flush--efficient clearance of waste & keep body healthy

6. Different angle of washing position--humanizing design for men and women

7. Children mode offers diferent water pressure and temperature from adults, special care for baby tender skin

8. One Button Auto Function--to simplify the operation, especially for elders

9. Smart memory system– store users' water pressure and temperature habit automatically

10. Superfine silver ions anti-bacteria seat cover--Warm & Anti-bacteria

11. Easy Installation & Human body engineering design

12. Night Lighting-without disturbing families' sleep

13. Multiply Safety Protection

14. Soft closing of seat cover

15. AC220V/50HZ